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Through a Blue Lens
The Brooklyn Dodger Photographs
of Barney Stein, 1937-1957

by Dennis D'Agostino, Carl Erskine, Bonnie Crosby, Bonnie Crosby, Peter O'Malley

For those of you who love vintage baseball photographs as I do, this volume will be a welcome addition to your collection. In a year when Jackie Robinson is being honored you will relish a trip down Memory Lane as you relive the glory days of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

From the deep Depression days of 1939 to their departure for the West Coast in 1957, Barney Stein served as the official photographer for the Brooklyn Dodgers. During that eventful period, he took thousands of pictures, 200 of which are collected in this book. Through a Blue Lens celebrates one of baseball's premier photographers and also marks the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers' move to Los Angeles.