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Baseball Between the Numbers
by The Baseball Prospectus

You may think that you know baseball, but your knowledge is incomplete unless you master sabrmetrics, the statistical analysis of player's worth that Bill James pioneered in the 1970s. Baseball Between the Numbers aims at being the first all-around primer to this emergent fan resource. This comprehensive, 400-page guide is the work of Baseball Prospectus, the statistics whizzes who provide data for ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and, occasionally, major league clubs.

The experts at Baseball Prospectus have produced this book to show how to analyze numbers in baseball. They provide the definite answer to 29 baseball controversies in the process – Bonds vs. the Babe, the notion of career years as opposed to steroid-based surges in output, the value of A-Rod's contract per plate appearance, not to speak of irreverently pondering Ruth on the Atkins diet or Rickey Henderson with Pete Incaviglia's legs! This is essential reading for all baseball fans, even those who hated math in high school.