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Publications / Arthur O. Schott

Arthur O. Schott
23-Inning Tie Game
A description of a game between Atlanta and Chattanooga in 1919
First World Series Home Run
An interesting account of the first World Series home run – hit in 1884 by Jerry Denny of Providence.
Babe Ruth in Shreveport
In March of 1921 the Yankees held spring training in Shreveport, Louisiana. This article examines the Babe’s pre-season as well other spring training events.
Bob Seeds
Newark’s Bob Seeds hit seven homers in two games in 1938.
Babe Ruth - The Pitcher
Times-Picayune, December 20, 1966
Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig in the 1928 World Series
November 1976
Jimmy Foxx
Times-Picayune, July 27, 1967
Little Pels in New Orleans
March 26, 1976
Lou Gehrig
The last time Lou Gehrig's name appeared in a box score.
Mel Ott's First Home Run
July 18, 1927
Yankees in New Orleans
Few people realize that when the New York Highlanders changed their name to the New York Yankees in 1903, they played in New Orleans as the Yankees before they ever played in New York as the Yankees.
1901 New Orleans Pelicans
An account and box score of the Opening Day game in 1901 for the New Orleans Pelicans in the newly formed Southern Association against Memphis.
1923 New Orleans Pelicans
Larry Gilbert’s debut season as the manager of the Pelicans was a real winner.
Connie Ryan
An overview of the career of New Orleans native Connie Ryan.
Charles Mason
The first native New Orleanian to play major league baseball is recounted here along with the box score of the game.
Hit A Triple, Then Stole Home
A list of players who achieved an unusual feat -- they hit a triple, then stole home!
Pel Hughes
A tribute to the late Pel Hughes contained in an account of the most lopsided victory by the New Orleans Pelicans.
Pelicans' Longest Opening Day
The longest opening day contest on record was between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Birmingham Barons on April 10, 1953.
New Orleans Home Run Leaders
A total of fourteen players from New Orleans teams have led the league in roundtrippers from 1887 through the 2003 season.
Lenny Yochim in the PCL
New Orleans native Lenny Yochim's brief career in the Pacific Coast League in 1955 resulted in a perfect batting average.
First Night Game in Heinemann Park
Night baseball finally came to New Orleans on May 15, 1936 and is remembered here by Arthur O. Schott. The box score of the game is also presented along with a photograph of the Pelicans dugout courtesy of Mrs. Helen Gilbert.
Perry Werden
Before there was Babe Ruth there was Perry "Moose" Werden -- a power hitter before it became commonplace.
Johnny Dobbs Recalled
A look at the life of Johnny Dobbs, one of the greatest managers in the history of the New Orleans Pelicans and the Southern Association.
Babe Ruth and Mel Parnell
A comparison between two of the greatest left-handers in Boston Red Sox history -- Babe Ruth and New Orleans' own Mel Parnell.
Bradley vs Spalding
The first pitcher's duel in baseball occured between George Bradley and Albert Spalding in this game account covered by baseball historian Arthur O. Schott.
Four Home Runs In A Single Game
One of the rarest feats in all of baseball is to see a player hit four home runs in a single game.
Home Run Hitters Not Prone To Strikeout
A unique look at those power hitters who were also less likely to strikeout. Do not look for Reggie Jackson's name here.
Rogers Hornsby
The most prolific right-handed hitter in the history of baseball.
Niagara Versus Columbia
An uncanny and unbelievable game from June 8, 1869 which saw Niagara defeat Columbia by the score of 209 – 10.
Aaron Versus Ruth
A revealing analysis of the home run records of Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron.
Unassisted Triple Play
The rarest play of all – the unassisted triple play – is examined (current through the 2003 season).
Best New Orleans Record
Comparing the records of the city's professional baseball teams.
Rusty Staub and Will Clark
New Orleans veteran baseball historian compares the baseball careers of two native sons.
1887 – 1959: Those Were Some Very Good Years
Written in 1977 at the beginning of the season as an introduction for baseball fans for the return of the Pelicans.
Babe Ruth’s First Major League Home Run
A brief description of the event along with the box score from the game.
Eugene Rye – Three Home Runs in One Inning
Betcha you never even heard of anything like this!
“One for the Book” Lists Gene Freese
Although written in 1969, this piece is very timely given the passing of Gene Freese in mid-2013.
It Happened Once in Baseball
We count everything baseball and here are a couple of unique statistics for you to ponder.
Mantle Missed .300 by .002
This just goes to show you how difficult it is to be a .300 career hitter.
Mel Parnell Pitched and Won an 18-Inning Game
In an era of pitch counts, set-up men and closers, here’s an account of a starting pitcher who went the distance – all 18-innings!
New Orleans Players Hitting 20+ Home Runs in One Season
A look back at some of the power hitters from the New Orleans Pelicans.
Ty Cobb’s Managerial Record
I was surprised to learn that Cobb spent any time at the helm of the Tigers, and not with the type of results he produced as a player.