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Publications / General Admission

General Admission
Ragtime Baseball in New Orleans
A sweeping overview of baseball in New Orleans between 1905 and 1920. Originally published in Louisiana Cultural Vistas, Fall 2010.
Five Intentional Walks
New York’s Mel Ott was issued five intentional walks in a single game. Why?
A Complete Game – in 58 Pitches!
On August 10, 1944, Boston’s Red Barrett threw a complete game victory against Cincinnati in only 58 pitches!
Hank Greenberg
An account of Hank Greenberg’s 1937 assault on Babe Ruth’s single season home run record.
Ty Cobb: Home Run Hitter
Well-known as one of the great hitters of the Deadball Era, this article looks at Ty Cobb’s home run spree in May of 1925.
Abner Powell
An interesting account of one of baseball's pioneers, Abner Powell, who introduced many new concepts to the game in the 19th century that are still part of the game.
Almost a Pelican
Bob Feller in New Orleans
From New Orleans to Cooperstown
The road to Cooperstown ran through New Orleans for many former New Orleans Pelican players.
Ted Breitenstein
An unusual look at the first starting assignment of Ted Breitenstein of the St. Louis Browns who would go on to become the "Grand Old Man" for the New Orleans Pelicans.
Triple Play The Hard Way
One of the most unusual triple plays in the history of baseball -- it took five players and seven steps to complete.
Henry "Zeke" Bonura
Few people would have believed what Master Sergeant Henry "Zeke" Bonura was capable of achieving during the Second World War. This article pays tribute to his accomplishments.
Consecutive Games
What it takes to be an "ironman."
DiMaggio's Other Streak
In 1933, his rookie season in professional ball, DiMaggio hit safely in 61 consecutive games for his hometown San Francisco Seals.
First Time's A Charm
Elected to HOF in their first year of eligibility.
Hall of Fame Run-Off Elections
When it's too close to call on the ballot.
Joe DiMaggio's 56-Game Hitting Streak
May 15th through July 16th, 1941
Stealing First Base
Is it possible ... and why?
Turning Two
A different look at double plays.
Shoeless Joe Comes to New Orleans
2010 marked the 100th anniversary of the pennant-winning season Joe Jackson played with the New Orleans Pelicans. Originally published in New Orleans Magazine as "Fielder with Dreams," June 2010.
Consecutive Game Hitting Streaks
In 1941, Joe DiMaggio set the standard with a 56 consecutive game hitting streak for the New York Yankees. Who else has come close to breaking that record?
Home Run Drought
What was the longest period between home runs for Babe Ruth? Yes, even the Babe had a home run drought.
Professional Baseball in Louisiana
A brief overview of the various professional leagues that have operated throughout the state since 1859, including the Southern League, the Southern Association, the Evangeline League, and the Cotton States League.
Ten-Man Baseball
The precursor to the designated hitter was first introduced by National League President John Heydler back in 1928.
Opening Day
A quick look at some of the notable achievements which occurred on Opening Day.
Hidden Talent in the Hall of Fame
Cooperstown has many pitchers who would, of course, have batting statistics. But did you know that there are several well-known hitters in the Hall of Fame who also have a pitching record?
Baseball & The Presidency
Throwing out the first pitch has been a presidential tradition since William Howard Taft tossed a looping curve ball to Walter Johnson of the Washington Senators in 1910.
Babe Ruth: Milestone Home Runs
Everyone knows that Ruth was a prodigious home run hitter, even by today's standards. Here we look at some of the milestone homers and notable events surrounding them.
Hitting for the Cycle
An in-depth look at one of baseball’s rarest feats – hitting for the cycle.
Homer in their First Major League At-Bat
A prestigious club to be sure.
Hall of Fame Voting
The ongoing debate about who should be in the Hall of Fame but isn’t along with who is in the Hall of Fame but probably shouldn’t be.
Charles Somers
One of the forgotten figures in baseball but without whom the American League would not have survived. Nor would the New Orleans Pelicans.
Bris Lord
Learn more about the man who was traded one-for-one for Shoeless Joe Jackson.
Al Benton
Probably one of the toughest trivia questions I ever had to answer.