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Publications / Early Baseball In New Orleans

Early Baseball In New Orleans
Game of the Mutuals at New Orleans
An early game from December 1, 1869 between the New York Mutuals (named for the Mutual Hook & Ladder Company Number 1) and a local favorite, the R.E. Lees.
Base Ball
The further account of the Louisiana Base Ball Club versus the Empire Base Ball Club on September 20, 1859.
Base Ball
Description of the September 15, 1859 baseball games of the Louisiana Base Ball Club.
Base Ball -- The Louisiana Baseball Club
Early accounts of the Louisiana Base Ball Club from July and August of 1859.
Base Ball Championship
The Southern Base Ball Club squared off against the Mississippi Valley Base Ball Club on December 22, 1866.
Base Ball -- Mobile and New Orleans
A match on March 6, 1869 between the Dramatic Base Ball Club of Mobile and the Lone Star Club of New Orleans.
Southern Club Wins The Championship
The Southerns defeat the R.E. Lee Club for the state championship on June 8, 1869.
Base Ball at Mandeville
The Southern Base Ball Club travels to Mandeville in June of 1869 to play the Mandeville Club.
Base Ball Festival
An 1869 announcement of an upcoming festival which will feature a game between several local baseball clubs.
Grand Base Ball Festival
Details of the August 8, 1869 festival, including games other than baseball.
Base Ball
Commentary on the baseball games held at the Grand Base Ball Festival in August of 1869.
The Southerns Abroad
Description and box score of an August 17, 1869 game between the Southern Base Ball Club of New Orleans and the Bluff City (MO) Club, as well as several additional box scores from games held through the city of New Orleans at that time.
Another Victory For The Southerns
An account and box score of a game between the Southerns and the Union Club of Kentucky on August 21, 1869.
Welcome To The Southerns
The Southern Base Ball Club returns from their road trip through the mid-West on August 29, 1869.
A Game At Baton Rouge
A brief but interesting account of an historic first game of baseball on January 8, 1888 between teams from Tulane University and Louisiana State University.
Ladies' Day
An account of the first regularly scheduled Ladies' Day game in New Orleans on April 18, 1887. Unfortunately the Pelicans lost to Charleston by the score of 1 - 0.
Around The Bases
A brief look at other baseball happenings in and around New Orleans on the Pelicans' opening day on April 18, 1887.
Opening Day for the New Orleans Pelicans
An account of the Pelicans' April 18, 1887 home opener against Mobile, their first home opener in the old Southern League.
Another Cricket Club Formed
In mid-1859 cricket was still the “manly sport” and growing in numbers. Soon enough they would turn their attention to baseball.
A Game at Baton Rouge
The rivalry between Tulane and LSU dates back to this game in January of 1888.
Arrival of the Hop Bitters
The arrival of “a professional nine” from Massachusetts, on tour during the winter and newly arrived from playing in Havana in early 1880.