By popular demand, the Schott-Pelican Chapter of SABR has expanded their meeting schedule to four times-a-year. Meetings will be held on the fourth Saturday of January, April, July and October, so mark your calendars and SAVE THE DATE!
2017 2017 2017 2017
January April July October
28 22 22 28
  • The January meeting is scheduled to coincide with SABR Day nationally.
  • The April meeting is scheduled to roughly coincide with MLB Opening Day.
  • The July meeting is scheduled to coincide with Arthur Schott’s birthday (July 19th).
  • The October meeting is scheduled to roughly coincide with the World Series.

We invite anyone interested in becoming a member of SABR to attend one of our meetings to learn more about our research projects, to discuss baseball history and current events, and to get together with others like you who have a deep interest in baseball. Our members regularly make presentations on a wide variety of baseball-related subjects, many of which may be found in the PUBLICATIONS section of this website. Please check back often for further details as they become available, or contact Derby Gisclair to be placed on our mailing list.

We will send out e‐mail reminders in advance of the meetings. Please RVSP for each meeting so we have an accurate head‐count. The room we will meet in may change because of the number
of attendees. We also want to alert presenters on how many copies to prepare.


We welcome presentations of all sorts – articles, book reviews, statistical analysis, memorabilia collections, or whatever you are interested in sharing and discussion – as long as it is baseball related. We ask that you keep it to 10 to 15 minutes in length so that everyone will have an opportunity to present and there is time to discuss the presentation. Many of our members make presentations, but it is not required for attendees to make a presentation. If you plan to make a presentation, we request that you bring at least twenty (20) copies to distribute at the meeting.
If you need assistance in copying your presentation, please contact Derby Gisclair at 504‐232‐4142 so we can make arrangements for you.

Guest speakers are welcome, especially former players and coaches. If you know someone who would like to speak to the group about their career, please let us know so that we can make
arrangements in advance.


Our meetings are generally held from 10:00am until Noon at:

Holiday Inn West Bank Tower
275 Whitney Avenue in Gretna

For directions, please call or see the map below.

SABR National Convention

Featured Speaker
2015 Chicago, IL  
2014 Houston, TX  
2013 Philadelphia, PA  
2012 Minneapolis, MN Bert Blyleven
2011 Long Beach, CA  
2010 Atlanta, GA John Schuerholz
2009 Washington, DC  
2008 Cleveland, OH  
2007 St. Louis, MO  
2006 Seattle, WA Jim Bouton
2005 Toronto, ON Paul Godfrey
2004 Cincinnati, OH Marvin Miller
2003 Denver, CO Jim Evans
2002 Boston, MA  
2001 Milwaukee, WI Allan “Bud” Selig
2000 West Palm Beach, FL Elden Auker

For more information about this year’s upcoming SABR National Convention, visit SABR at